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Little Princess

            I watched the 1995 version of the movie "A Little Princess." The movie was written to reflect some attributes of the Hindu Religion. The "Little Princess" spent her early childhood years growing up in India, thus giving the movie a Hindu twist.
             The movies main character is Sara Crewe. She comes from a wealthy background and has a very compassionate, loving personality. She loves her widowed father very much, who is a Captain in the Army. Her mother died when she was very young, her only memory is a pendant with her mother's photo inside given to her by her father.
             The movie begins in India where she is exposed to Hindu stories and way of life. Her father is stationed there in the Army, and is suddenly called to war forcing the family to leave India. Sara is then sent from her carefree environs of India to a strict New York boarding school while her father is away at war. .
             She then meets the headmistress of the board school, Miss Minchin. Miss Minchin seems to take an immediate dislike towards Sara. Sara immediately becomes well liked by nearly all of her classmates as her storytelling makes her the most popular among the students. She then befriends the youngest, most unpopular, and servant girls in the school. .
             Miss Minchin later learns the Captain Crewe has died in battle and lost all of his wealth leaving Sara penniless. Sara is then reduced to a servant girl acting as an indentured servant to the school. She continues to secretly tell her stories to her friends in the attic, and even befriends an Indian man with a pet monkey.
             Miss Minchin finds she is telling these stories, and punishes Sara by not allowing her to eat. Her Indian friend then helps both Sara and the other servant girl Becky by giving them a huge feast in the attic. Miss Minchin discovers the feast and sends for the police to come arrest Sara. Sara then escapes into the neighboring house as she flees from the police.

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