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             In the Twenty-first Century, our society has concluded that many of it's earlier.
             choices on human rights, women's specifically, were both ignorant and wrong. Most of.
             the choices were based loosely on men's opinions or God's. Choices such as the right to.
             vote, the right to enter a church or house of worship, and the right to own property were.
             all disbursed by men in power. In early governments men were the leaders and women.
             succumbed to their wishes. As the years went by women gained almost no ground in.
             society because their intellect and physical ability were viewed by men to be weaker. Men.
             saw themselves as strong and intelligent beings entrusted by God to command His rules.
             upon all beings that were weaker physically and intellectually. Women were merely a.
             vessel used to pass a man's name or heritage on to another generation. This early.
             governing was based on the natural law of the strong will conquer the weak. Only with.
             man, this law became something altogether new. It became a reason for one group to rule.
             another. If in nature the physically strong rule and conquer the physically weak, then so.
             should this natural occurrence be enforced in governing humans. Because man desire to.
             always separate good from evil, they also like to separate the strong from the weak. In.
             doing so, man has placed these two completely irrelevant characteristics in complete.
             alignment with each other. Strong equals good, weak equals evil. It's the way man has.
             impressed all of his opinions on weaker beings. Women being weaker physically than men.
             meant that men being inherently more good should rule the weak and evil women. Men.
             took complete advantage of women's weaknesses and controlled their lives by their own.
             will. If weakness was not considered evil, and women not considered less than men, then.
             all of nature's laws would be false according to men and chaos would ensue.

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