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Community Policing

            Community policing is defined as any method of .
             policing that includes a police officer assigned to the .
             same area, meeting and working with the residents and .
             business people who live and work in the beat area. The .
             citizens and police work together to identify the problems .
             of the area and to collaborate in workable resolutions of .
             the problems. This Moves neighborhoods and communities .
             toward solving their own problems, and encouraging citizens .
             to help and look out for each other. To be successful, .
             community policing requires the total commitment of the .
             police, citizens and subgroups like business, media, .
             political leaders and social service agencies and other .
             institutions of the community. It is proactive, .
             decentralized and personalized; it is full-service and .
             works toward the goal of removing predators from the .
             streets and solving long-term problems by dealing with the .
             causes, not just reacting to the symptoms. Community .
             policing is based on the joint effort of citizens and .
             police toward solving neighborhood problems which in turn .
             satisfies the expressed needs of citizens and enhance the .
             residents" quality of life. The role of the community .
             police officer is equivalent to the role of the critical .
             social scientist, the facilitator and catalyst of problem .
             solving activities. Through self-education and educating .
             the residents, the officer plays both the expert and .
             educator role without forcing the expert opinion upon the .
             residents. The community policing officer assists the .
             residents by meeting with them individually and in groups .
             in hopes that communication will lead to some consensus of .
             accepted action will be agreed upon and implemented by the .
             residents. .
             In the article I do believe Community Policing was an .
             effective use of Grand Havens police department. As .
             stated in the article, "Community policing works in Grand .
             Haven because the officers on patrol and the citizens of .

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