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Computer Hardware

             Always switch the computer off and remove power cables before opening the case. So that you do not get an electrical shock from any part of the computer. .
             Use correct tools when working on the machine. To prevent any damage to the computer when working on the machine.
             If available use earth protections devices. This will stop any static electricity effecting or damage any electronic components inside the machine.
             Have a break from looking at a computer screen at least every 2 hours. To stop damage to your eyes and brain from excessive uses.
             When working on the internals of a computer have the machine at waist height. This will prevent you from having backaches and pains. .
             Position yourself and your computer in a comfortable sitting position.
             Don't leave the machine switch on when working on the inside of the computer.
             Don't pull on any cables/leads plugged into the back of the machine.
             When installing devices into the machine always check that they have been pushed in and secured correctly.
             Don't have food or drink near the computers at any time.
             Don't stay on a computer for excessive amounts of time.
             Electro-Static Discharge (ESD).
             Static shocks are common everyday occurrences, annoying but significant except in technology, these static shocks be costly as they can easily damage computer components. These Static shocks are electro static discharge (ESD).
             The cost of ESD Damage to devices alone ranges from only a few pence for a simple diode to several hundred pound for a complex electronic board. In order to prevent damage, ESD wrist straps (which absorb the static) can be used, also courses are available. Low power consumption chips such as CMOS chips are even more likely to be damaged by ESD because ESD is a low power. A voltage as little as twice the operating voltage can even damage some chips, so ESD is something that precautions must be taken against.
             Microcomputer Dismantling.

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