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             The United States needs to take Saddam Hussein out of power for the good of humanity. Saddam is not only a threat to the United States, but to the world as well. He militant leader has proven his willingness to use weapons of mass destruction. Saddam has been uncooperative with the United Nations demands. Saddam is a leader that puts helping the people of Iraq as a low priority. .
             Saddam Hussein has launched wars on both Iran in 1980 and Kuwait in 1990 as is still making public statements that threaten Iraq neighbors. Not only is Saddam eager to go to war, but also he will not hesitate on using chemical and biological weapons. He is willing to use these weapons against neighboring countries, and the people of Iraq. In 1988 the Kurds were attacked by the largest chemical weapon attack against civilians in history. There is no reason a person like this should be able to posses a nuclear weapon let alone want to be able to continue to build these weapons. United States intelligence knows that he has the capability to produce these weapons. The Senate Committee Report of 1994 states that private American suppliers had shipped biological materials to Iraq. These materials that were shipped were not weakened and can be reproduced. The weapons inspectors had found that materials in Iraq's biological warfare program were identical to the ones that were shipped from the United States. For all that we know Saddam could be reproducing these chemicals.
             Iraq has not been cooperated with the United Nations. The United nations asked Saddam to destroy the weapons of mass destruction and return POW's and seized property. Iraq has not complied until recently. They have destroyed some of their missiles, but they have yet to fully disarm. There are six hundred missing Kuwaitis that Iraq will not allow the United Nations in to check up on. He has even launched terrorist attacks against Non Government Organizations and United Nation workers.

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