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             Traditionally, there is no physical contact between men and woman. Moreover, if a religious Muslim male is touched by a woman, he must ritually cleanse himself before he prays again. Consequently, women should not offer to shake hands with Muslim men, nor should a man offer to shake hands with Muslim women. If a Westernized Indian, however, offers to shake hands, you should do so.
             Other Indian religious groups, such as Sikhs and Christians, will also avoid public contact between sexes.
             In large cities, men and very Westernized Indian woman will offer to shake hands with foreign men and sometimes with foreign women. Western women should not, however, initiate handshaking with Indian men.
             In traditional style of Indian greeting in the "namaste- to perform the "namaste-, hold the palms of your hands together, as if praying below the chin, nod, or bow slightly, and say namaste. This greeting is useful for foreigners in any circumstance in which a handshake might not be appropriate. More over, it's a sensible alternative to a handshake when a Western businesswoman greets an Indian man.
             In India a comfortable standing distance between two people varies within culture. In general, Hindu Indians tend to stand about 3 or 3 ½ feet apart.
             Standing tall with your hands on your hips - the arms akimbo position will be interpreted as an angry, aggressive posture.
             Whistling under any circumstances is considered rude and unacceptable also whistling to the opposite sex is considered dirty.
             Feet are considered unclean, so never point your feet at another person. You will be expected to apologize if your feet or shoe touches someone.
             To tip a taxi driver, simply round off the fare, because it is included in the fare.
             Expect a deluge of bicycles, motorcycles, and cars. When crossing the streets, you will have to be exceptionally careful and alert.
             Indians tend to have a lot of road rage. Because they are trying to get somewhere and the traffic in unbearable.

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