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India's Government & People

            There are many problems facing the Indian people and government. Some of these problems are, many different languages, social concerns, overpopulation, and the caste system and the untouchables. These problems have been facing India for many years and have not been solved.
             One problem is that there are too many languages in India. It is causing problems because people cannot communicate with each other. There are at least six different languages in India. This problem is not helping the government to make laws because not everyone will understand them.
             The next big problem is that India is becoming overpopulated. One reason for this is that many people are fleeing their own countries because of hunger and war. India's food supply is decreasing and cannot keep up with the rapid growth of India's population. Many people are starving because of this. Overpopulation is becoming a big problem that is very hard to fix.
             There are many social concerns as well. Some of these are infant mortality rate, life expectancy, persons per physician (medical concerns), and literacy percentage. India's infant mortality rate is eighty per one-thousand births; compared to the United States' nine per one-thousand births, this is terrible. This ties into the medical concerns like the number of people to a physician; in India it is 2,337 and in the United States it is 416 people to a physician. The life expectancy in India is fifty-nine years compared the U. S' average life span of seventy six years; which is rising thanks to new medical technology, (but that's another essay). In the United States, the literacy rate is ninety-six percent , in India it is forty -eight percent; That's exactly half of the U .S' literacy rate. .
             One of the last problems is the caste system, a system that places people into social groups based on their "past lives". The lowest group is called the "untouchables"; the group that is ignored by everyone except the other "untouchables".

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