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Cioran essay on

            I write you to agree with your philosophy in "Nothing Matters."" That philosophy, I interpret to be that life itself is meaningless. The actions we choose to take, and those we don't choose or really pointless. The choices people make, for example to go to work, to go to school, does it really have any impact on life? Or the choice to not go? Our ability to choose, or our inability, which one thinks have some affect on them and those around them, might actually affect them, and it might not. All that and more boils down to the fact that what one may or may not do, can at the same team have some sort of meaning, feeling, or explanation, and at that same time, have no meaning, feeling or explanation.
             Our dreams and reality are two different things. Many people will dream to own a certain car or cars, a "dream- house, along with that perfect wife, and family. Reality is that much different. Our dreams are a way of escaping reality, and the life we have. Dreams we could say, are goals that one would work to, or hope to accomplish at some point in there life. Are our dreams possible? Maybe, maybe not. Modest dreams we have can be attainable, and those that are out of reach, will be left as dreams. By reaching those unattainable dreams, does it make one feel better about oneself? Does it bolster how he sees himself? Or does it just create more problems? You said it yourself "No matter which way we go, it is no better than any other."" I think that by dreaming, and striving to make the unattainable try to come true, that its keeps people going. It helps people continue on with life, with something to hopefully look forward to. Yet, as I think about it, is there something really to look forward to? Death, is all that is definite in our future to come. So by striving for these dreams, does it really matter since we are all going to die? It would make no difference to die obtaining all your goals in life, or none.

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