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College Admission

             In everyone, there lies an urge to do something great. In sports, that urge led Michael Jordan to become the best player in the game of basketball. In politics, that urge has led George W. Bush to become the president of the United States. And in a crisis, it has led the residents of New York to stand up and overcome the September 11th attacks. Although these situations vary in importance, none of them could be performed without an urge. Here are my urges.
             Ever since I have been on this earth, I have felt the urge to be something great. But not for my own gain, but for the strength of humanity, and for the sake of my children. My children's existence is dependant on what happens to me. I cannot live my life knowing that I have not offered my children the best at life. My urge is making me worry about a life that doesn't even exist. That defines my urge.
             I have used this urge to make great strides. It has allowed me excel in school. It has allowed my to be known to be able to help fellow students. I offer assistance to any fellow classmate at any time they ask for it. And, my urge has gave me the status as "best all around fundamental bowler" in my league. My patience and my intensity are the key to the urge that drives me to win. A few top finishes at tournaments has proven that my urge has been my greatest strength.
             It has also allowed me to be willing to learn new things. Learning is the only way that I can continue to follow my urge. It strengthens me and causes me to open myself up to new ideas. For instance, I have learned how to be respectful towards all people, no matter what circumstances arise. Even if people disrespect me and treat me in a foul or unjustified manner, my urge is to ignore the bad behavior and just walk away. Learning new things have paved the way for me to live my dream.
             To fully define me, my accomplishments are because of my urges. Without my urges, I feel that I would be nothing.

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