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Only Creation should be taught in schools

            First off, to redefine the terms, by creation I mean the story in the Bible that is believe by most Christians. By taught I mean that the information is given to the students by the teachers and is intended for educational use. By school systems I am referring to every elementary, middle, and high school, grades K-12 all across our country.
             The need to teach anything other than the creation story in our school systems is completely unnecessary. We should only be taught the truth and evolution is not the truth. According to an article written by Kevin Atkinson, the human form we are today evolved from a rock on the ground. This is a very unbelievable story and has no evidence to my knowledge to support that theory. Evolution is just that, a theory, and should remain that way and be kept out of our school systems.
             There is, however, evidence to support creation. The human brain, for example, is the most complicated structure in the known universe. It contains over 100 billion cells, each with over 50,000 neuron connections to other brain cells. The brain receives over 100 million separate signals from the human body every second. This information makes it merely impossible for such a complex structure to evolve from a lifeless rock lying on the ground. The only logical reason for the complexity of the brain is that it was created by God.
             There are many human artifacts that have been found, such as hammers, a sandal print, a human footprint, and human handprints, all found in cretaceous rock. By the aging and dating processes, scientists have determined how old these artifacts are, which points to the fact that all of the supposed geologic periods actually occurred in the same time periods as they supposedly did. For example, Adam and Eve were on the Earth at the time we always believed them to be and cavemen were definitely roaming the land at their supposed time period. .
             I will say this again, we as students should only be taught the truth in our schooling systems.

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