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Story of My Life

            Environmental pollution is the number one cause of deaths in the world. This problem that environmentalist fight day after day is caused by the globalization of our economy. Yet, this is the same globalization that gives us cheaper clothes, nicer cars and most importantly of all, more stuff. This is why many people see the globalization of the economy a problem they could live with. To them who it does not event it is the lesser of the two evils. They could have either a world with less suffering or a world with more stuff. Most choose stuff. The short story "The Lottery" by Shirley Jackson shows many similarities to globalization of our economy today. Many critics interpret the story in different ways. Some believe the story is deeply religious, others that it's agricultural or rooted with the puritan's believes of having numerous children. Yet, I believe the story is perfectly describes the macro-sociological effects of globalization is the microcosm of a small town.
             To begin with there are endless factors in the story that relate the town in the story "The Lottery" to the global economy. One major distinction stands out. In the town, one person has to suffer for many to be happy. This is the most profound aspect in the story. It relates to globalization in many ways. To start, I will use America as an example. If anyone was to look at the tags of their shirt, they would see it probably was not made in America. For example, Gap has nice clothes at an extremely cheap price. I have bought shirts there before that only costs two dollars. How is such a price possible? Because of a person is a sweatshop in another country made it for almost nothing. For me I see none of the suffering and all of the benefit so I buy it. It is much like the Lottery. For the other three hundred sixty four days of the year, the people of the town forget of the pain that causes them to be happy. They are reminded of the price they pay during the day of July 22nd.

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