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            All those stories we read throughout the week were on the basis of finding compassion and love within ourselves to find the love for another, or some other freaky message of the such, but I don't plan on writing about that corny crap. I had this crush since last middle of last year, just before Christmas break. She was one year ahead of me in school, so easily she was better than I, which is ok that's why I looked up to her. Desperately I tried my hardest to find a way to take it up a notch, maybe read the bible together. Thing is, I haven't seen her in about 3 months. Still the itch was upon me, the lusting urge of teenage love. The middle of last week I ran into her and well, here is my conclusions and the myth's of my sacred love of the one I looked up towards. .
             There's not much to it, I met her last year, and sat behind her because well she was the most beautiful creature my eyes had ever gleamed upon; then I got a glimpse of her face as I looked up. We hit it off, became great friends had a blast during and outside of school. Then came the summer, goofed off as much as we could, but I was still just a friend, boring teenage anxiety and sexual frustration is all that ensued. Well that being said lets get to my encounter with the victim of my crush. I met her in a filling station after I attended my car and nothing, not a single thing happened after 3 month's of not seeing her and only talking by phone it turns out I have no feelings for her what-so-ever anymore. Should I rejoice or should I break down crying as I spent the last few hundred days of my life trying to get this girl, but then it dawned upon me, my un-philosophical mind figured out If you are looking up to someone, that person is looking down at you. I figured out all along she didn't see me as a person, but just and obstacle in the way. All my wasted time of dreaming of something that could've been will never be as I have been cured of my lust.

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