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            France is a country that is one of the most modern countries in the world.
             Located southeast of the United Kingdom, and borders the Mediterrnean Sea, .
             between Italy and Spain. This country is barely smaller than twice the size of Colorado, and just about the size .
             of Texas (if not smaller). It contains different land types including: flat plains, and gently rolling hills, which are.
             located in the north and west; and mountains, contains Pyrenees in the south, and the Alps located in the east. .
             The area of France as a whole country is 547, 030 sq. km. and the water area is 1, 400 sq. km. The highest point .
             is Mont Blanc which is 4, 807 m; and the lowest point is Rhone River delta which -2 m. The climate in France .
             is usually cool during the winter with mild summers, while it's mild during the winter, and hot during the .
             summer along the Mediterranean. Minstral winds are usually expected in this country, which move from the .
             north to the northwest, and are occasionally cold, strong, and dry. The population was approximately around .
             59,765,983; as of July 2002. And the population growth rate was 0.35% in the year 2002. The age structure in .
             France is 18.5% of the population arefrom the age group of 0-14 years old (5, 675, 269-males; and 5, 401, 661-.
             females); 65.2% are from the age group of 15-64 years old (19, 503, 556-males; and 19, 479, 646); and 16.3% .
             are from the age group of 65 and over (3,948,433-males; and 5,757,418-females) on the year of 2002. The .
             religions in France are Roman Catholic (83%-88% of the population), Protestant (2% of the population), Jewish .
             (1% of the population), Muslim (5%-10% of the population), and 4% of the population are .
             unaffiliated. The nationality of the French citizens are Frenchman(man), Frenchwoman(woman), and French is .
             the adjective word used to describe a citizen. The ethnic groups in this country are Celtic and Latin with .
             Teutonic, Salvic, North African, Indochinese, and Basque minorities.

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