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Application essay

             Coming from a society where engineers are highly respected and looked up to and being a son of a mechanical engineer, it was instinctive for me to aspire to be an engineer. I consider myself fortunate to have made it, considering the enormous cutthroat competition involved in the quest to make it to engineering college. It was my father's dream, which became my passion and today I am just one semester away from becoming an engineer. I owe a lot to my parents, who went through innumerable hardships to give me what would probably be considered the best possible education in this part of the world. .
             Clearing the tough entrance examination I got into the Department of Chemical Engineering under the School of Chemical Technology, G.G.S. Indraprastha University. Core courses such as Mass Transfer, Heat Transfer, Thermodynamics, Process Calculation, Fluid Mechanics, Chemical Process Industries, Chemical Process Control, Process Equipment Design, etc. gave me a strong footing into the intricacies of the fundamentals of chemical engineering and made me realize that Chemical engineering is not a profession that has to dwell on the achievements of the past for comfort, but its greatest accomplishments are yet to come. .
             Attending different seminars held in the universities and coming across many eminent professors and teachers in these 3 years of my undergraduate studies, I have come to know the diversities of this profession and the great research potential it contains. The vast achievements made by these professors in this field made me set my mind for research and to continue my undergraduate studies up to the masters level, and later, a career in research and development. .
             My fascination towards research took me to one of the greatest institutions famous for their teaching and research i.e., Indian Institute of Technology- Delhi, where under Asst. Professor S. Basu I started a study on "Creaming Behavior of Oil-Water emulsions" and currently working on its modelling.

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