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The Canadian Personality

             The Canadian personality is an issue that not many people think about, and that most can not even define because of the wide variety of cultures that live here. These differences in our mannerisms and culture could effect our society so much that we could go from ten provinces and three territories to four provinces and three territories in a time frame of a few years. .
             One of the things that I feel separates a Canadian from any other nationality is the role of culture and heritage. When immigrants come to Canada from another country, they are encouraged to remember their other identity, language, and their roots in their country of birth, while, for example, Americans tell them to forget their old life because they are Americans. I think that encouraging cultural diversity is a good idea because it makes our cities more interesting. We don't just have cities filled with immigrants from one certain country, but cities filled with Portuguese-Canadians, Chinese-Canadians, etc., who are true to Canada, yet still remember their old homeland. Unfortunately this same diversity could cause problems for our society. This was why Quebec was thinking of separating from Canada, because they believe that their culture is being lost, and that no one wants French speaking people in Canada. This is obviously is not true, although, unfortunately, they think it is. If Quebec had separated, there would have been a wall separating Central and Western part of Canada from the Eastern. The Maritimes would be isolated. We know how Maritimers take their culture very seriously, well, this could prove dangerous because since they would be isolated, they would feel it necessary to join the States. .
             Canadians are not ones to brag. We are "peace-keepers", we do not try to tell others that we are better than them, as the American's usually do, which is a reason for most of the wars that they have fought in the past as well as the attacks they have had happen to their country.

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