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Should Tobacco Smell

            These days, when people mention "CANADA" there are some words that instantly come to mind; equality, rights and freedom are defiantly some of the most common ones. Canada has earned a certain reputation for these rights and freedoms that sets it far above other countries. Many believe that Canada has always been this way, but those people are mistaken. It has taken Canada a long time to get where it is today and there has been a lot of fighting and even some hardships. The topic of human rights and freedoms is by far the most important theme in Canadian history because it has made Canada what it is today. It is impossible to name all of the defining moments related to this particular theme because there would simply be too many but it is possible to name the most important ones.
             First, when women were given the vote in 1918, it was a huge step forward for Canada under the theme of human rights and freedoms. Before that, women had minimal rights and were not allowed to have any say in Canadian politics even though this was the country which they called "home". Women's getting the vote is an endlessly important defining moment in Canadian history relating to human rights and freedoms because it was the start of something much, much greater. Nellie Mclung and the rest of the suffragists sparked a huge feeling of fighting for your rights which still exists in Canada today. These same "suffragists" later went on to fight for other things like minority rights. Without them, Canada would be a totally different place today. .
             Secondly, the Japanese internment of 1942 was a giant step backwards for both Canada and Human rights and freedoms. It began the day after the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor and it lasted until Japan surrendered. Thousands of innocent Japanese-Canadians were simply arrested and put inside internment camps. The men were sent to work on railroads and farms and women who did not cooperate were separated from their families.

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