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            This morning I got onto the Merriam-Webster website and used the online dictionary to look up the definition of the word love. The search came up with twenty-one different listings for the word love. The first and most basic definition wasstrong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties?. The hey word here beingpersonal?. In our society people tend to state that they love their dog, their mail carrier, and their pastor all with the same devotion as their significant other. Personally, I don't believe the word can really be defined, but rather, I categorize love into three different groups. The first kind of love being the love we share with our spouse or significant other. The second kind of love is the love that we share with our families. The third and final type of love is the love we feel for our close friends and life long relationships.
             I think that when I hear people say they are in love, the kind of love that comes to mind is the passionate love shared by people who are in a sexual, long-term relationship. This is the most powerful and the most commonly heard use of the word. In my opinion, young people who are dating should not use love to describe their relationship. When it is used this way, it discounts the sacredness of relationships between people who are committed to a lifelong relationship together. I believe this is the most proper use of the word and the way it was originally intended to be used. Now, that is not to say that over time the word has not evolved into other perfectly acceptable alternative uses.
             The next type of love for our family, especially for our parents. This is the love we have had since the day we were born. The love we have for our parents will continue to flourish until the day we die. We love our parents this way because they created us, raised us, and have helped us develop into the person we are today. This love usually extends to our sibling, they have been around for most of our lives and have shared in the growing process of our personalities as well.

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