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            Do you remember that John Lennon song he recorded before his untimely death, "Imagine-? The one verse says, "imagine all the people - well imagine if all the people looked the same, shared the same physical characteristics, and had no individuality. Pretty scary, wouldn't you say so? The subject of human cloning brings about many heated arguments and disagreements and is whether you're for it or against it, you cannot fail to ignore that it is downright dangerous. Human Cloning is the duplication of ones genes (DNA) to replicate an exact copy of the donor. The fact that we have the ability to do this, and in a sense we would almost be "playing god- is in my opinion immoral without doubt. .
             There are some clear disadvantages to cloning which the people who want to move on with the process would like to ignore. What people fail to remember is that this is not yet a perfected science. Hundreds of frogs and other animals did not survive the initial experiments proving to those who are nave to the truth that this is dangerous. If you will remember a few years back to 1996 when Dolly, a sheep, was cloned. Dolly was the lone survivor of many experiments. I cannot fathom how someone would want to attempt to clone at this point. Can we attempt to do this when we are possibly jeopardizing human lives? Another disadvantage is that cloned human being would have the carbon copy of the genetic make up of the donor. This means that the clone would have no uniqueness. If you were Christian you would probably agree that God creates people for a reason. Well, is it not true that god did not create the clone? Is it not possible the clone could be treated like an outcast or set aside from the rest of our society? Is it not possible that this clone would not have a soul? Well, it's very possible, and very scary too. People that are for cloning talk about how we could possibly bring back historical figures by cloning their DNA.

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