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            Have you ever had that strange feeling like you're living inside of a dream? No, not a dream, and not quite a nightmare. An illusion. Or at least only a half-truth. It's as if you're inside the cave of your mind, shackled with your face to the wall. Unaware of your bondage, you watch the shadows dancing accross the wall, and you see these shadows as reality. If these shadows were all you've ever seen, how could you possibley dream of anything else? If you ever did see what is real, would you even be able to accept it? After a time, if you were released from your bondage, would you even be able to see, let alone understand, anything other than these shadows? But there are things that you see sometimes. or ideas, or dreams. things that don't fit into your narrow perception of reality. Yet on some level, you feel as if you've struck a part of the truth.
             What if reality is only a dream?.
             Have you ever seen something that you can't make sense of, or you read some work of fiction that contains some sort of grain of truth that gets into you and gives you that feeling that your mind is spinning in circles trying somehow to make sense? Like your mind is frantically grasping at the air, trying to find something to hang on to, because it just encountered something that feels true to some part of you that is dormant, but it can't make sense of it. But during all of this mental spinning, you feel as if you've struck some part of the truth, and it is too big to swallow. So, eventually, you lose this feeling. Your mind flimsily pieces things together again, and it begins to throw up whatever it can't digest. But for a moment. it feels as if you have started to wake up. You feel that, on some level, things have become clearer. Everything looks slightly different if only for a moment, like you've just taken one step away from the peephole that you are watching your life through, and you're beginning to see things around you.

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