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            Is life always difficult? I mean, do things always have to go wrong? Life has always been a little hard for me, but then again I am sure there are kids that have it a hell of a lot harder than. But life has always been kind of an uphill battle for me, slowly getting stepper. One day while climbing up the ever-growing mountain I ran flat into a big ass wall. My parents split up.
             Dad moved to South Carolina for employment purposes and mom stayed here. At first I stayed with my mother because of school and my life was here. But then some conflict started, not that there wasn't any all ready because believe you me there was plenty of it, but that's a different story. So mom got a new boy friend, Eric. Eric and I didn't get along from square one. I had my ways and then he had his, unfortunately they were completely different, like mixing oil and water, it just doesn't mix. One night I had had it, and so had Eric, and since he was the adult he had his way, and the next day I was on my way down south, to the Palmetto state, South Carolina.
             Imagine Being in an oven for sixteen hours straight. That's how my train ride was to South Carolina. The Thermostat was broken and they couldn't turn the heat down, so temperatures reached as high as 120 degrees. After an extremely long but slightly enjoyable sixteen-hour ride I arrived in the great town of Aiken, SC.
             In no more than two days I started school. I was so sick I could hardly contain myself. I felt so cold yet it had to be at least eighty degrees in the school. Other than that it was a pretty good day. The students were very nice and I must say they looked very different than the students up here.

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