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Time to change

             TIME FOR A CHANGE.
             It was a different America that people woke up to. Out of a sudden, history seemed to have split between the America as "before" and "after". Besides leaving a smoky hole in New York's most cherished skyline, it changed America overnight. The American openness and their relaxed, easy-going way of life seemed like a thing of the past. Suspicion and fear has set in collective psyche of the American people. On the day after, America no longer looked like the most secure place on planet anymore. Some people were shell shocked, others clamored for reprisal.
             The September 11 attack on the World Trade Center was one of the most heinous acts of terrorism in this century. It was a brutal attack on one of the true global symbols of democracy and capitalism. No one suggests that hijacked airplane attacks on thousands of people can be remotely justified, and no one suggests that the perpetrators, their accomplices and their organizers should not be pursued and brought to account. Justice should be served at any costs. .
             As journalists, editorialists and television commentators are busy mapping out strategies for this new war on terrorism, it is time for every one of us to do some inner soul searching and start seeking answers, on a personal basis, to global questions which have been haunting the rest of our world for generations now. It is time we in America broaden our horizons, and expand our vision. It is now that every American should start taking a deeper interest in policies, issues and concerns shaping the global community instead of leaving it for the pundits to ponder upon. The average American person is ignorant and lackadaisical to the events shaping the world. This rigid mindset has to change. We have to show more concern and understanding of the various issues which lead to instigate people to commit such heinous acts. This cannot just be achieved by spending millions of dollars under so called humanitarian aid it is demands for personal individual involvement.

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