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Russo-Japanese War

            Why Japan and Russia go to war in 1904-05 is a one of the most dispute topics in 20th century. In fact it is varied by several reasons that will be discusses below.
             First of all, I think the most of reason for Japan making this war should be related to its internal factor, Japanese culture and background at that period. Japan's isolation was rudely shattered in the 1850s, and in the ensuring domestic turmoil, a new government of radical reformers bent on rapid modernization and westernization replaced the Tokugawa shogunate. Their aim was to give Japan the strength which industrialization had given to the west so that the country could defend itself against the threat of imperialist domination, under " Rich country, strong army." 1 At that period time all of the Asian country subjected to imperialist pressures or to outright colonialism resented it, but Japan had thought of themselves from early times as a special people. Their distinctive culture and deep sense of separate identity, but stressed by their insular isolation and freedom from foreign invasion had helped to build an equally deep sense of national pride that keep Japan free of the taint of foreign pressures. There is a great change in 1867 that was succeed to be a new period "MeiJi"2 .
             To complete the goals of "Rich country, strong army," the Meiji new government understood that the Japanese economy would have to grow and develop rapidly, especially in industry, which could support the military. There new government took the lead in starting and subsidizing heavy industries such as iron, steel, armaments, and shipbuilding, all along western lines, carrying most of original heavy expense and so on, then by new government supporting, Japanese economy get changed and a great flit At the same time Japan starts to be industrialization that booms economy in heavy industry and railways, there was also new opportunity for small entrepreneurs, in traditional consumer goods, .

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