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            How do you feel about cloning? Do you believe it is right? Does it go against your religious beliefs? These are just a few of the questions society is asking of itself these days. As cloning transforms from a fantasy to a reality, many ethical questions are brought into the picture. Cloning which was once a dream of the past might be the way of the future. This is a controversial issue because it brings ethical, religious, and personal beliefs into it. Some people believe that it would benefit us in many ways, such as finding cures for diseases, learning about diseases, and many more. Others view it is wrong because no test is one-hundred percent positive, so it may cause innocent people to lose their lives in the name of science. It is you who has to decide your view on this issue, and try to do something about it.
             Cloning is the technique of producing a genetically identical duplicate of an organism. In other words, it is the processes of creating a genetic duplicate of an individual. There are two different types of cloning; reproductive and therapeutic. Reproductive cloning is creating complete human beings with the same genetic code as someone else. Therapeutic cloning is meant for medical.
             research, and has no intention of creating entire human beings. Its purpose is simply a way to try to extend human life, which is what medical science has been doing since man's beginning. It has the potential to find cures or treatment for all major disease known to man. There are two different ways cloning is done. They are embryo splitting and somatic nuclear replacement. The first is embryo splitting. An embryo is the early stage of a fetus. Embryo splitting is the artificial division of a single embryo. The same process happens naturally to produce identical twins. Identical twins are actually clones of one another because they have the same genetic code. Embryo splitting is not very popular because embryos can only be split a few times therefore can only produce a few clones.

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