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             My father believes that these should be some form of national prescription drug insurance but that it can come in many forms. He decided a very simple system that would allocate a portion of everyone's Social Security payments to justify prescription drugs and that would be mentioned by the government. He also suggested a type of supplemental program like a Medicaid that would cover the people who are not working and carrying medical coverage insurance. The key point here is that he believes prescription drugs should be part of any medical coverage plan just like a doctor or a hospital visits, dental plans, etc. Now, he also realizes the reason that prescription is not always covered in medical plans and that is the price of the drugs. Here again is where the federal government should step in and establish a regulatory plan against the drug makers. Making minimum profit over the life of the drug is a target as opposed to making maximum profit over the just few years that the drug is available. He cites two different examples of why this financial regulation is needed. The first in that currently people a going into Canada and Mexico to buy their drugs. These are the same drugs that they would buy in the United States and the foreign companies buy them from the same U.S. companies and sell them to our citizens at a profit albeit a much lower profit. They also don't have the government regulation could be on how the large drug makes focus their research and development and how they recover their expenses. The manufacturers agreed to long range profit taking instead of short term. In conclusion he said that prescription drug coverage could be accomplished if the government and industry would work together instead of against each other. .
             My Mom's opinion .
             My mother is in favor of national reform on prescription drugs in our health care system. She thinks prescription drugs, hearing aids, glasses, and other medical equipment should also be reformed.

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