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Human Cloning

             Can scientists create a genetic duplicate of a human with the exact same DNA as another human? In our world, there are many strange things, but none that are exactly the same. Although, twins look alike, they differ in their thoughts, personality, fingerprints, and DNA. However, scientists are now able to make two human beings the same down to the genetic structure by cloning. In cloning "Technicians remove the genetic material from an egg cell and replace it with DNA from a donor, then grow the embryo in a petri dish until it's ready to be implanted, by the same process routinely used in fertilization clinics."" (Adler 102) In Scotland 1997, the news of the first mammal cloned, Dolly the sheep, shocked the world. Some scientists say this method of cloning can be applied to humans, while other scientists are afraid it will come to a terrible conclusion. Despite the fact that cloning will validate degrees of hope to infertile couples and the parents of children who had died in accidents. Much research is still in its early stages. There are many political, ethical, moral, social issues when considering human cloning.
             The cloning of human beings has been an issue that many people believe strongly in. The cloning of animals such as cows and sheep has already been successful, and many people think that the cloning of human beings is just the next step. This, however, has not gone over well with the government of the United States. Recently, a hearing has been underway to decide whether cloning should be legal in the United States. In fact, President George W. Bush has said that he will do everything possible to ban human cloning, because "he regards the human embryo as sacred."" (Lyon 102) The issue here should not be whether human cloning should be legal, because it should. The government should instead implement rules and regulations to regulate and police cloning research and development.

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