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French Revolution

            The French Revolution was a time of great change. All across France there was a transition from the old regime to the modern. The power of the absolutist monarch and aristocracies declined. New rights of equality were being implemented. In order for such a revolution to have taken place, the key triggering motives of misery, social ambition and ideas played a great role. The motives at some points were at such extremities that the people were calling for some sort of change. The peasants suffered the most, yet they could never of conceptualize any change. It was the Bourgeoisie that played the greatest part in leading Old France into the French Revolution. The Bourgeoisie were driven by social ambition. They could not stand being overshadowed by aristocrats "Antagonism between nobles and bourgeois- . Finally with their education, unlike the peasants, went forth in drawing up declarations for the rights of man. The philosophe play a vital role here as well, it is they that are invited to high ranked officials dinner and the ones putting a liberal train of thought into people. To sum everything up there were many reasons that contributed to conceptualizing the French Revolution, yet it was the Bourgeoisie that took the actual step in realizing it.
             The life of peasants was harsh and full of misery. Life to a man of the lower class, to an artisan, or workman, subsisting on the labor of his own hands, is evidently precarious; he obtains simply enough to keep him from starvation and he does not always get that . The number of peasants was easily more numerous then the other social classes, having four fifths of the population . Despite being the masses, they did not revolt until much later. The peasants were uneducated and thus unable to demand their rights earlier on. For example the elite that could afford taxation, avoided paying having connections in high power, yet the ones least able to pay, the peasants, were manipulated and paid heavily .

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