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cause and effect

             A neighborhood in my opinion represents who people are and how they like to live. Whether it may be one with a canopy of aging willow trees in the backyard or a twig poking its head through fresh topsoil in the front yard. Characteristics of a neighborhood represent a person as much as a portrait. Serenity comes to mind when I think of my neighborhood, kind of like my own little island village where I know everyone and there's peace and quiet. A neighborhood is like a backbone; it provides shape and structure to towns all over. .
             When coming to the neighborhood where I grew up, you will see two humungous Grandfather Oak trees on each side of the street. Also you see an obvious sign in front of the trees, that says, "Carlton Arms Estates", so if you miss it, please get your eyes examined. You"re also going to notice how the neighborhood is built on a hill. Once you"re in the neighborhood go ahead and look around, and you"ll see that being on the hill you can look down to the other neighborhoods. By now you should notice that the neighborhood is located in the country. When living in the country you have a little advantage over other communities, and that's the sunrise and sunset. On a hill both look like the beginning and the end of a John Wayne Western movie.
             Now to the inside of my community. When picturing how my neighborhood is formed it's quite easy; close your eyes and picture a tic-tac-toe board, how you have two lines drawn horizontally and two drawn vertically, Well that's how my neighborhood is set up. Each street has its own personality in a way. At the end of each street there are cul-de-sacs, which where my house is located. What's really interesting is that from my backyard you could see a clear view of all the skyscrapers in downtown Tampa; it brings uniqueness to my neighborhood, thanks to the hill. Each street has its own personality in a way.

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