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uniforms in school

            Uniforms in school are considered to be the next big step toward a utopia in schools; uniforms are supposed to be the answer for social equivalent amongst students, safer schools and even better grades. However, uniforms in schools are not the answer. The most prevalent reasons for not having a uniform policy are that uniforms: may produce financial hardship for a segment of the public student population, will not decreases distinctions between students, will not reduce violence, and most importantly infringe upon students" First Amendment rights. .
             There are two types of uniform policies in schools around today. For instance my cousins went to a middle school were the students had to choice from red, white, or blue polo shirts and blue or black slacks of any brand or fit. I call these types of schools the makeshift uniforms. On the other hand there is the school with a more permanent solution where the students must order their uniforms through a catalog or a uniform store. Whichever the case, it is certain that uniforms are expensive. Reasons being are that uniforms are much less durable than unregulated school clothing such as denim materials; therefore, parents must buy clothing more often. Also now with school uniforms, parents have to purchase two sets of clothing one for school and another for after school and weekends. So even if the initial purchase is cheaper, the overall cost is not.
             Another reason against uniforms is that they will not reduce violence in schools. If a school was only to implement uniforms and do nothing else, then there would be most likely no change in the school violence. The fact is that most schools have many other means of schools safety such as: metal detectors, policemen and faculty walking and monitoring the premises, cameras and even visible school identification cards for all students and staff. Now with these infinite possibilities to reduce violence and provide safer schools, making uniforms in schools obsolete and impractical to serve as violence deterrents.

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