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Neo-Nazi Legalization

            The First Amendment protects the rights to freedom of speech and assembly. Neo-Nazis are considered illegal terrorists societies in many other countries but not in America. Many anti-hate activists are upset because American Neo-Nazis can spread their message freely. However, the regulation of such speech is the first step to no speech at all, unless a Neo-Nazi group intentionally commits an organized crime.
             Nazism is a product of the ideals of Adolf Hitler and the National Socialist Party that once existed in Germany before and during World War II. Once Nazi-Germany was defeated in World War II, Nazism in general was considered "evil" by the masses. However, the views of the party lived on and eventually reassembled as the American Nazi Party in the 1950's. This group was led by the late George Lincoln Rockwell, who was ultimately murdered but is still held in high respect among his fellow Neo-Nazis. The second place it appeared was in England in the 1970's. This group is known as Skinheads and was mainly about the music (oi and death metal) when they first started. Nazi idealisms slowly began being incorporated into the music, forming them into Neo-Nazi organizations. Both of these groups are still active today in circulating their message.
             Anti-hate activists worldwide feel that Neo-Nazis should be illegal. They believe the message these groups cast out is only one of hate and that they serve no good purpose, they also feel that having Neo-Nazis around hurts communities and people. Activists claim the groups are hurting children mentally and emotionally because of the hateful, yet alluring video games and music they have. Anti-hate activists also feel that Neo-Nazi organizations raise crime rates because of the hate crimes they supposedly commit wherever they go. To them Neo-Nazis only mean hate and pain to people and communities.
             The First Amendment guarantees freedom of speech and assembly to all people, Neo-Nazis included.

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