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            Some hold the opinion that the "almighty" television is the most ingenious invention of the century (aside from the computer of course); however these individuals are usually avid TV watchers themselves. It is common knowledge that TV reduces attention spans (especially in children) when "consumed" in large amounts. The family is often a sacrifice individuals make when choosing to watch excess amounts of the "tube." TV also has a very manipulative aspect in it. Does this cheap form of entertainment come at too great a price for it to be worthwhile? Although television has its advantages, it is generally a negative influence in the lives of Canadians.
             An interesting aspect of the country that watches the most TV, the USA (Canada is very close in this trend), is its overwhelming obesity. Most people, while watching TV consume exuberant amounts of junk food. This slowly fattens the viewing public, creating numerous health problems: heart disease, diabetes, and other risks associated with obesity. Not only do the fattened eat, they waste quality time that could be spent in much more productive ways. Formidable amounts of hours spent on the couch can hurt the back of the onlooker; as well, too much TV, can damage eyes. The negative consequences and physical damage that results from excessive TV viewing clearly outweighs any positive or informative influence that TV could possibly have.
             An aspect of TV that is most often overlooked is its ability to persuade parents to neglect their children. Many families" structures are deteriorated because of this alternative form of a babysitter. Children can learn through reading books and developing their opinion and their imagination by themselves. Children can also watch TV and have their opinion given to them by corporations. Corporations sell young people their imaginations at the cost of their individuality and self esteem. Excessive TV watching sours people's family lives yet this bitterness does not start with the family, but within the people themselves.

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