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Becoming My Own Hero Role

             A person noted as a hero is someone who has courage, a strong will to try, and especially.
             one who has risked or sacrificed his or her life. When thinking of a hero you always think of.
             another person, never actually thinking you could become your own hero. At least the thought of.
             becoming my own hero had never actually occurred to me until the winter of 2000, when I.
             decided to take a solo road trip to Michigan to visit some friends and family. This was the first.
             time I had ever gone on a trip alone, especially one of this distance. The weather forecast was.
             calling for clear weather for the next twenty-four hours. Traveling through the Appalachian.
             mountains in the month of January can be very treacherous. My first semester of college had.
             really helped me gain my independence, which makes me certain that I am mature enough to.
             handle this long drive. Being the courageous person I am assures me that I have the capability to.
             conquer any situation that may occur. .
             Before leaving my parents went over several important issues making sure that I have.
             everything I will need, especially a map which my dad had highlighted out the best route. This.
             was the same route my family takes every year when we go to Michigan to visit our relatives. I.
             was aware of the winding roads through the mountains of Tennessee. The fact that the roads are.
             so narrow and curvy is what concerns my parents the most. I keep assuring them that I will be.
             very careful and I will watch my speed. Being the month of January it could snow at anytime.
             even if the weather channel was not calling for it. I figured the trip should take a total of fourteen.
             hours from South Carolina to Michigan. I plan on driving half way, where I will stay the night in.
             Lexington, Kentucky. Then I will wake up the next morning where I will be all rested and I will.
             drive the rest of the way. It is too long of a drive for one person to travel straight through. My.
             mom made sure she packed me plenty of snacks and drinks so I would not have to make too.

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