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Albert Einstein

            The world's number one scientist and Nobel Prize winner in physic, Albert Einstein, has made contributions to science which are unequalled by any other man (Candee 178). "Einstein's theories are credited as the starting point of nuclear physics, modern cosmology and quantum mechanics- (Freeman 3). Through his theories and his researches he influenced the world historically, politically and sociologically.
             Albert Einstein affected the history with his epochal papers which were destined to revolutionize the science of physics. He was born on March 14, 1879 in Ulm, Germany, to Herman and Pauline Einstein. He grew up in the Jewish faith in Munich with his sister named Maya. His parents owned an electrochemical shop that forced them to go to Milan, Italy. .
             Einstein was educated in Munich where he had problems in school. His teachers called him mentally slow, unsociable and incapable of progress in language, history and other primarily subjects. His schoolmates called him "Pater Langweil- (Father Bore) which just 10% in the junior class in the Leoti High School knew (survey of junior class). After he finished school and went to Milan to join his family, he went to Zurich where he studied mathematic and physics from 1896 to 1900 (Candee 178). After he received his teacher certificate, he looked for a job, but he got no appointment because he was a Jew. He became a Swiss citizen in 1901 when he secured a job as a patent examiner at the Switzerland Patent Office in Berne, Swiss (Thomas 302). He married in the same year a Serbian fellow student, Mileva Marec and had with her two sons, Albert Jr. and Edward. During his 7 years in Berne, he worked on his first 5 papers that were published in the "Annalen der Physik- in 1905 (Freeman 66). These papers started the nuclear age, cosmology and quantum mechanics, and brought him world wide recognition. "His first paper was The Special Theory of Relativity which dealt with the relativistic attribute of motion, time and space- (Candee 178).

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