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What Will I Do Over

             From time to time you are asked," if you had a chance to do some things over again what would you do?" So, the things I would do over are my junior year in high school, senior year, and my freshman year in college. These things are the most likely things I would do over.
             First off, I would do over my junior year in year in high school. In high school, I played football for the school. But, in my junior year I stopped playing because I didn't like the position that I was playing on the field. But now, I realized that I could have stayed and proved that I could play corner back. I would probably have received a better scholarship than the one that was offered to me. This is what I regret doing in my junior year.
             Furthermore, in my senior year, I would do better academically than what I did. It was my senior year, so I was slacking a lot that year. I was not proud on how some of my grades turned out that year. I would have put more seriousness into my classes. For example, I would have not have missed classes as much as I did that year. As a result, my senior year would have turned out a lot better.
             The most recent thing I would do over is my whole entire freshman year in college. In my freshman, I made a lot of mistakes. One thing was not going to class because I was too tired from work. Consequently, making me miss assignments and not doing good on tests. Secondly, I would sign up for my classes on the first moment registration opens up. That is one thing I have learned that you have to do because some of your classes will be full on the first day. Another is to make it on class on time. I hate arriving to class late, but it always seems to happen to me. These things I would most highly want to do over because this will affect my life in the future more.
             In conclusion, my life I have made a lot of mistakes. I only named a few things that I would do over, my junior, senior, and college freshman years.

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