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Ancient Greece

            Ancient Greece was a place full of recreation of sorts. From socializing to the Olympics, the Greeks had numerous ways of keeping them selves busy. You can almost say they were the originators of recreation. They had many of the same sports and recreation activities that we use today.
             Every city-state had at least one gym. There you could do a combination of activities such as, run track, visit the lecture hall and park. There was also a bathing facility, where you could go after a workout. The gym was only open to the men. Some other activities the men engaged in were visiting ball games and gambling. (Encarta Online, Internet).
             Greek women had their own form of recreation. They entertained themselves by visiting friends and attending public festivals. These festivals proved to be exciting entertainment for all who attended. The Gods were honored in music, drama, dance, and poetry. A festival known as the Panhellene was held at Olympia, Delphi, Namea and Ishtma. The festival attracted professionals from all across Greece. (Encarta Online, Interenet).
             Cock fighting was also a favorite sport. Greeks would train the cocks for combat. The cocks were given garlic and onion to make them act more hostile. When it was time to fight a spur, made of bronze was placed over their natural spur. The Tanagra and the Rhodes were thought to be the most vicious of the species. (Werner 80-81) .
             Music was a favorite pastime of the Greeks (Werner 90). It was broken down into instrumental and vocal sections (Werner 90). Vocal distinction was given between low and high notes (Werner 90). They associated high notes to violence and low notes to calmness (Werner 90). "Instruments used were the clarinet, an oboe-like instrument, the violin, the lute, the tambourine, the bagpipe, and the lyra." (Music, Internet). Another form of entertainment was dancing; dancing was used to express a range of feeling such as gay, sad, peaceful, or warlike.

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