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Callege essay

             Every young kid finds an interest of some kind early in life. Ever since I can remember, I've been listening to various types of music. The genres of music that I have enjoyed over the years have changed but no matter what I preferred to listen to, I have always felt a deep emotional attachment. .
             My earliest memory of my strong connection to music is in my parent's room where I would lay for hours on my back with my hands behind my head listening to tape cassettes that I found around the house. It was here that I learned about the different sounds of instruments and changing tones. This could have led me to where I am as a musician today. I started out on the saxophone in 5th grade where I learned the basics of notes and reading music. It continued on this instrument until 7th grade when I played in my middle school's jazz band. I had developed a strong sense of tone and rhythm by this time and decided that I would be better able to express myself through the guitar. I needed the freedom of writing my own music and composing my own songs. A few of my friends felt the same way and also began playing other instruments. With the basics of music as a background, we excelled at our newly found hobby. We came together as a band and played as a rock band for about a year.
             I enjoy watching other bands play just as much as I enjoy playing in my own band. I go to rock and punk band's concerts as much as I can. One of my most memorable concert experiences is the Warped Tour of 2001. At this incredible arrangement of bands ranging from hardcore metal music to acoustic melodies, I watched over twenty of my favorite bands perform live. Modern popular bands have been one of the biggest influences on my musical life. Watching talented band members express their feelings through complicated guitar riffs, drum beats, and bass lines. At this particular concert, I was overwhelmed by the intensity and dedication that I observed from the bands performances.

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