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            The man who was once initially suspected of being mentally retarded is now considered to be.
             Albert Einstein, who was unable to speak until the age of three, may be.
             the foremost revolutionary thinker of our time. As a young man, Albert Einstein was dismissed by his.
             teachers as being "slow and lazy"; however, that was not the case. Unlike many kids, who would give .
             the answer that first comes to their mind, Einstein would tackle every aspect of the question.
             and give an opinionated answer. Because Einstein's thinking was so unorthodox, he was able to .
             theorize many ideas that advanced physics in a revolutionary way. Einstein made many contributions .
             to society and many of his theories were based onrelativity, which affected the world today.
             Only a few years in the history of science stand out so much that they are referred to as.
             "miracle" years. The year 1905 was such a year. In 1905 Einstein published five monumental papers.
             All were important, but among them was one that literally changed the face of physics (Parker 47). .
             This paper, which discussed the theory about what is now commonly known as "special relativity,"was .
             the beginning of something very special. While starting work on the paper, Einstein had to challenge.
             Newton's theory of absolute time. The theory of absolute time dealt with the notion that time was the.
             same throughout the universe, which Einstein did not agree with. According to Einstein, time is .
             different throughout the universe. For example, when looking at a star that is thirty light years away, .
             the image that is seen on earth is thirty years old since that is the time it takes for the light from.
             the star to reach us. Because of this, one will never know what "now" is like on the star, unless one .
             waits thirty years later, which would no longer be considered the "now".Therefore, the concept of absolute.
             time throughout the universe is flawed, proving that Albert Einstein's theory is correct.

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