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Human Cloning

             Human nature has taught us that scientific breakthroughs have resulted in evil and dangerous exploitation. These exploitations can be seen in reality in military science. These breakthroughs have been manipulated into weapons of death and destruction against humanity and the use of them raises a question of morality. There are many examples in the fields of chemistry, physics, and industry in which the results of science are intended for the good of mankind, but ultimately become corrupted. The development of the machine gun was intended as the "weapon to end all wars (Implications)." As a result of the machine gun, millions have been slaughtered and the world is still in constant conflict. Albert Einstein set out in his experimentation to understand physics and how matter interacts with one another (Implications). His work was intended to benefit mankind in its knowledge and abilities toward physics. Little did he know that his work in the field of atoms and atomic theory would result as a misusage in the form of atomic bomb. This misusage made it possible to completely destroy the human race, and the details of the use of the atomic bomb are immense. Like Einstein's work in physics, genetic cloning of humans can, and probably does, have supposable benefits for mankind. The successful cloning of Dolly the sheep, a major scientific breakthrough, leads to the definite possibility of human cloning. While human cloning may have legitimate rewards such as disease and cancer research, it is ultimately immoral and its intended use will be abused. .
             Several years ago, scientists in Scotland made an exact copy of an adult sheep in a process called cloning. What the researchers actually did: they took an unfertilized egg cell from a female sheep and removed the entire DNA (genetic information) from the nucleus that is needed to produce an embryo. Next, they took a cell- that carried the genetic code from both its parents-from another sheep that they wanted to clone and put it in a test tube for 5 days.

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