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Why can't we be friends?

             Got to get off you"re standing on my neck." It has come to my attention that there is a cartoon that is not so "loony." MTV's "Daria", created by Glen Eichler and Susie Lewis, has some very interesting characters in it. A selected three of them that attend Lawndale High school, (Quinn Morgendorffer, Daria Morgendorffer, and Jane Lane) can easily be compared to some groups present at Dublin Scioto High school. Amongst these are the "The Preps", "The Artistic", and "The Outcasts.".
             Decked out in blue jean flares, pink mid-drift-happy face T's, and earth brown platforms, Quinn Morgendorffer earns her place as Vice President of "The Fashion Club." Not unlike "The Preps" at Dublin Scioto High school, Quinn is most conscious of what people think of her. She is a generally peppy person, and has enormous enthusiasm when it comes to makeup, clothes, or boys. "A model's what I'd like to be, looking good comes naturally, da da da da da da me." Quinn's interests include modeling, fashion, popularity, and herself. To achieve popularity, she goes to the extremes, such as introducing her older sister as her cousin, or no relation at all. At Scioto, "The Preps" seem like they surround themselves with some people they don't care about, just because they"re popular. Sounds like survival of the fittest to me. Quinn has a certain depth to her though. She confesses to her older sister, Daria that she acts the way she does because she thinks she's supposed to, and that that's what her friends expect from her. Consulting in Daria is ironic because Daria doesn't wear a mask for anyone.
             Clunky combat boots stopping at the knee, an oversized men's shirt with skirt, all in black and hunter green, Daria Morgendorffer puts the sarcasm in sarcasm. She talks in monotone, and walks at the same steady pace. Her witty though morbid remarks reveal a cynical and sardonic character. She is also quite the existentialist. "See that skeleton? That's our future.

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