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            Coming into college, I had one idea in mind: to become an engineer. I spent so much of my time trying to become an engineer that I didn't even stop to think and reflect on what I really wanted to do with my life. Being a younger brother to a successful engineer allowed me to see how understanding and respectful people are to the engineering profession. In order to have the respect that I wanted, I decided to be an engineer.
             I originally felt that engineering was the most important career field out there. It wasn't until college that I started to realize that there is more to the career world than engineering. There are many other majors out there that have an important effect on people's lives. I grew to respect most of the careers that I used to think were insignificant, because they turned out to be completely different than what I imagined. Unfortunately it took me three years to figure this out. I"m glad I've taken the time to look at other majors and broaden my horizons.
             Since being in college I've developed many stereotypes about certain careers. For example, I was under the impression that to get into a computer science related career, people had to be geniuses. Also, I believed that psychologists are people who spend most of their time in mental institutions treating patients.
             Every person on this earth is made for a certain career that suits his/her needs and personality. Engineering and medicine are two of my highest considered professions. As far as I know, they fit every aspect of my idea of a perfect career. Engineers use their genius and creativity to built machine and gadgets to help people with their every day life. As for doctors, they work day and night to save people. But I am more interesting in plastic surgery. I admire how plastic surgeon help disfigured and unfortunate people get their confidence and normal looks back. They bring people with physical abnormalities from hiding and give them another chance at life.

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