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Big Brother

            The cameras; They are watching your every move. In terms of crime solving, they are, in many cases, the number one factor, when it comes to getting proves. But what could we expect in the future? Are we not getting to a point where this Big-brother "thing", is getting out of hand? Just now, in 2003, the only places where they have cameras are, at the bank, at the supermarket, at the gas station and maybe at your hardware store, but that is it. What will the picture be like, when we come to 2030? You can only imagine, because no one knows. Could it be that on every street corner, you will see a camera. In all public areas, and in your bedroom, to protect you? At this time, there won't be any kind of privacy or freedom to act the way you feel like acting, right at that time. .
             Of course you can't be sure that it will get out of hand. There are good things about the cameras too. Among other things, I could mention the crime solving and the increased feeling of safety for the elderly citizens. Now many elderly people are afraid of walking in the streets at night, and who is not? The increased violence isn't helping, so with the cameras watching, maybe, just maybe, there will be a slight or maybe big decrease in crime and violence.
             This is like many other subjects (for example: gene-technology) very sensitive, and you can not really an obvious solution to it. I guess what the sceptics are afraid of, is that we are getting to the point of being filmed around the clock, and that you have nowhere to go, without being filmed.
             And now banks want's to film outside the bank, because robbers often have a mask on when they get into the bank, by getting cameras outside there is a possibility that you will get a shot of them before they take the mask on, outside the bank. Also DSB (in Denmark) want's to put cameras into trains and at the stations, because of all the destruction going on today. And I understand them.

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