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            People seem to connect love and happiness together and so they think that loving one person and having that same one person love you back means that all is well and perfect. But that is not always the case as we see sometimes. There is so much more that outsiders do not see between two people, including how sometimes one of the outsiders could actually be a person in that relationship. The Story of an Hour by Kate Chopin is a good example of how love isn't what it's always made out to be, as it depicts such an event in a women's life, and in a single hour it reveals a lifetime of emotional torment but at the same time a sense of the joy of freedom.
             Mrs. Mallard is the main character in this story and is said to have some kind of heart trouble. When I think of heart trouble, I think of an older woman who has some type of heart problem, but I don't really focus much on it until the end of the story. Her sister Josephine is also another character who has to break bad news to Mrs. Mallard. I found it a little weird that they called the main character by her last name and with a "Mrs" title, but her sister was referred to only by her first name. This makes me think that Mrs. Mallard may be older than her sister, or that her sister is not married, because using a Mrs. or Mr. is usually used by someone younger to show respect to an older person, but this still does not explain why the narrator does not refer to Mrs. Mallard by her first name, and I"m not exactly sure why she does either. Josephine has a main part in this story, because she is the one who has to tell her sister tragic news about her brother-n-law and this to me is a climax in the story.
             "It was her sister Josephine who told her, in broken sentences, veiled hints that revealed in half concealing. Her husband's friend Richards was there, too, near her. It was he who had been in the newspaper office when intelligence of the railroad disaster was received, with Brently Mallard's name leading the list of "killed" (KM 71).

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