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Is god true

             The question of whether god exists or not, is such a widely debated subject with so many sides and arguments to it . That one would never be able to show them all. Or be able to argue them all. The question of whether God exists or not is seen more as a personal judgement in some society's (i.e., european culture, no one forces you in to believing in god) whereas in others you are made to believe in God. In these cases one is even unable to question whether god exists or not. Some people , or rephrase that most or many people , will question one day in there lives whether god exists or not.
             In my essay i will be trying to show you the different sides of the argument can we validate the claim that god exists as true.
             In our everyday lives people are always talking, and therefor exchanging truth claims. When someone says to you , i had chicken curry for dinner lasts night, one would normally take this as being true. This is because we would not think that someone would lie, but also because we can validate it empirically, this is evidence which is based on our senses (touch, taste, sight, sound and smell). We could ask other members of the family, or we could look in the bin. Mostly all that is told to us we take as true. It is taken as true until proven untrue. Whereas with God we are unable to empirically validate that he exists. We cannot see him, touch him, smell him etc.
             Logical positives believe that anything that can not be judged as empirically valid is untrue. But this statement has to also be questioned, because we believe that gravity exists but we have no empirical evidence supporting it. We just believe what scientists have told us. Also when someone says that something is beautiful, how is that empirically validated. For the person the truth can be validated , ie. using your senses, normally would feel emotion towards something that is beautiful. But this is not empirically validated.

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