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just a day in my life

            I and a few of my friends wanted a cricket ball so that we could play cricket, and won't be bored for the weekend. We found out that a 6th grader had a lot of balls. When we asked him if we could have a ball he said ok, but only if we get him his soccer ball first. To get the soccer ball, which was on the two story building of the school, we needed a ladder because there were no stairs. However, the security guard, who was very poor and had dropped out school in the 5th grade, stopped us saying, "If you want ball, first give me book." He wanted a book because he was bored most of the time on his job. To get the book, we went to a student who asked for candy in exchange for the book. Therefore, we went to "The Candy Boy" who offered to give us enough candy for the other student, but asked us to set him up on a date with a girl from our grade. We started looking for a girl who would date him but couldn't find one. However, one girl decided to go, but only if we got her special lipstick on of her friends had. The next day, we stole the lipstick from her friend and gave it to her; she then went out with "The Candy Boy" who then gave us candy for the student, who gave us the book and we finally got the soccer ball. We gave the soccer ball to the 6th grader and got a cricket ball. We wanted to the cricket ball to get rid of the boredom for the weekend; however, we spent time on getting the cricket ball which turned out o be more fun.

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