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             Why did Caesar ignore his aristocratic colleagues and associate more with the poor population of Rome? Julius Caesar focused more on the poor to gain leverage on elections that the other candidates were not going to have. He held games to raise the spirits of the common people and made urban Rome more cheerful. He used borrowed money to provide for the amount of entertainment to create his popularity. The way that Caesar saw it was that since the Senate was not in favor of him, he would focus on the population that he could manipulate to gain votes.
             When Caesar came into power, he began making his own laws without the permission of the Senate. This became a threat on the Roman Republic. Many tried to oppose Caesar, but he gained a lot of supporters during elections that the ones who opposed him would have to answer to. Cicero, Caesar's rival would try and give some opposition to Caesar, but this would cause bloodshed among their followers.
             Caesar held numerous battles with the barbarian tribes of Gaul. His standpoint was that it would make his empire vaster. He was also very short on money because of his large debts, but ransacking barbarian tribes, he could steal their wealth and. He created two new cities, Cisalpine and Transalpine. After they were raised, he put himself as Governor of both. All of his wars in Gaul, "The Gallic Wars," were set mainly on one goal, to earn a parade through Rome.
             The 54 year old Caesar rode through Rome in "Triumph." He became dictator and Rome's borders were stretching far across the Mediterranean Sea. All seemed well in Rome, but the Senate did not appreciate his king-like behavior. The people of Rome were so happy with Caesar that they elected him dictator for life. Afterwards Caesar began to be more arrogant about his power over Rome. This made the Senate mad, and they began to plot his assassination. .
             After Caesar was killed, his successors began modeling the way that they ruled over Rome so much, that they even began to call themselves Caesar.

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