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             Let me start by saying that prostitution is the oldest known profession. Today, it is known as something of a harmful nature, and is consideres to be illegal. A majority of United States citizens feel that prostitution is out of control in our country and must be contained. These are the very people forcing women, or men, into illegal prostitution. Illegal prostitution, without a doubt, is far more negative. In the following paragraphs, I am going to compare and contrast legal and illegal prostitution, in attempt to share the benefits of legalized prostitution.
             First off, I will discuss the negative effects of illegal prostitution. Many mojor cities in the U.S. have an enormous problem with reoccuring prostitution.You mainly find prostitutes in the ghettos of large cities. Many women and men feel forced into prostitution. A large percentage of the women are sadly hooked on drugs and end up trading sex to get high. If the poverty and the drug life are not bad enough, the women also get to look forward to their pimp, who will abuse them if they don't return with a suffice amount of money. The knowledge of sexually transmitted diseases is of extreme importance when it comes to such a topic. The sexual activities taking place in these areas are not regulated and although a good number of the women carry condoms, they are by no means protected. Many of the ladies will except extra money to allow the customers to have sex condom free. Rape is a harsh and brutal act, which is a common occurrence in street prostitution, where the women have no protection from either the man or the diseases he might be carrying. The women are also a danger to the men by carrying diseases they have possibly picked up from prior customers. Prostitutes get arrested quite often, but are let out to be an illegal prostitute for another day. Illegal prostitution is a major problem needing some sort of remedy. It is time to discuss the reasoning behind why legal prostitution is the needed remedy to this particular problem.

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