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The Bible Code

             This code was discovered by an Israeli scientist Eli Rips and New York journalist Michael Drosnin, who claim that there are encoded messages in the Bible that predict events to happen in our world today.
             To find the encryptions in the Bible, Rips created a computer program which included the original Hebrew Bible (only letters, no spaces or punctuations) into a continuous unbroken sentence of streaming characters. Then, the computer ran a search; it would divide the sentence into n number of rows, like a giant crossword puzzle. Then, the computer would read every Xth letter (called the letter skip). An example is this sentence, with a letter skip of 3: "Rips ExplAineD th eacH codE is a Case Of adDing Every fourth or fifth letter to form a word." - READ TH E CODE. When a word is found, Rips and Drosnin would search again around that word, and they would find other relating words.
             Their most famous case was finding "assassination" encoded with "Yitzkak Rabin", the former prime minister of Israel. Drosnin had warned him of the prediction, yet Rabin was still assassinated. Later, Drosnin and Rips had found the name of the assassin encoded with Yitzkak Rabin's name.
             Drosnin has written two bestsellers about The Bible Code, and lists many of the encryptions he has found; events that have past, such as the moon landing, Bill Clinton's election, and the comet "Shoemaker-Levy" which collided with Jupiter. He has also found a prediction for the apocalypse in the year 2006.
             Of course, The Bible Code would be almost impossible to find without a computer. Drosnin claims that Sir Isaac Newton was convinced that there was a hidden code within the Bible.
             Yet, the predictions within The Bible Code have been proven to be a coincidence. Scientists have shown this to be a phenomenon, as they have found correct predictions of presidential assassinations encoded within large texts such as "Moby Dick" and "War and Peace" using the same methods as Drosnin and Rips.

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