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            In this space age, education is one of the most essential things needed to maintain a successful life, but before we have an education we must have common sense. We need it in order to realize why it is necessary to have an education, and we must have common sense enough to want an education.
             Today, in this twentieth century, what would we do without an education? We would be considered illiterate. .
             With war close to the threshold, it is important to have an education. We couldn't read the newspapers or the magazines. We wouldn't understand what the radio or television announcers were saying if they used large, proper words or technical terms. If we didn't have an education, how would we know about the development of the Berlin situation and the Communistic dictatorship trying to take over parts of the free world? .
             How would we know about the space travel development or the man-to-the-moon program? How would we know what was going on around us without an education? .
             We could do none of these things without a grammar school education, but with a college education we might possibly take part in the public and national affairs. .
             The kids of today are going to be the leaders of tomorrow. It is your duty, as an adult, to help us to learn as much as possible so that some day we may fill in your job. Who knows what will test our strength, will power, and our knowledge in the future? .
             Who knows what sort of an education we will need to survive in the future? We as students in school can be prepared for the future by learning all we can, while we can, in such a way as to benefit ourselves, our family, and our nation. .
             Let's be prepared for the future by having an education. An education means all these things to me and more. I hope we all get a proper education. Let's salvage every bit of knowledge we can for the future.
             As we near the 21st century, life continues to grow more advanced and complex.

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