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Hitler's Rise to Power

            During the 1930's, Weimar Germany was in a state of instability and confusion. The quality of life of the German people just kept on plummeting as the Great Depression drew nearer as more and more jobs were being lost. At this point, the people of Germany sought a leader that would save them from the hardships that were to come. Adolf Hitler, being the leader of the National Social German Worker's Party and a great public speaker, cleverly manipulated his way into being a crowd favourite. As Hitler rose into power, nothing could stand in his way, and slowly he gained total dictatorship over Germany. .
             The Great Depression was a troublesome period, not only did it hit the Germans, but it hit the United States as well. As the U.S. economy was quickly crashing, they demanded their money back from the Germans. During the years following the war, Germany was in great need for these loans for the reparation payments to France. Germany without a doubt suffered the most from the effects of the depression. With the unemployment numbers rapidly shooting up, nearly a third of German workers were left to die hungry. Out of desperation, the people of Germany looked for a political leader that would tend to their needs and end their pain and misery. The Nazi party headed by Adolf Hitler promised just that. He promised the German people a whole new system of government, not just a change in government, of which there had been far too many already1. .
             Unemployment was at an all-time high, with almost one third of the labor force unemployed in 1932. Many did not have jobs and those who did feared losing their jobs. The people were suffering heavily, and the government did close to nothing to help them. Hitler, having the unemployed following him, had a comfortable number of votes. Due to the incredibly high unemployment rates, they were soon to be the majority. As the consequences of the Great Depression were worsening by the day, an uncountable number of citizens lost jobs which resulted in a booming number of votes for the Nazi party.

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