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philosophy of education

            As an ethical practitioner I will treat each individual, whether a colleague or student, with respect.
             regardless of ability, gender, or cultural differences. Also, I believe an ethical practitioner will not.
             discuss a student's problems in school with other parents or students; confidentiality is very.
             important. .
             As an effective decision maker I will possess the skills to be able to make a decision in a.
             moment's notice and feel confident that the right choice was made. Decisions are not always.
             going to be easy to make or may take in-depth thinking especially when the future of a child is.
             involved. There will be times when I must be like a willow tree, standing tall and strong, yet be.
             I will be an effective communicator to students, parents, colleagues, teacher aides, and school.
             administration. I feel communication with students needs to be done on a level the child can.
             understand. The communication between parents and a teacher is vital to a child's success in.
             school. I will keep parents notified of classroom activity and progress through weekly.
             newsletters, parent-teacher conferences, telephone calls if necessary, and in the hallways. I will be.
             available to all parents to talk to after school hours. I want the parents of my students to feel.
             appreciated for all the help they give their child, I will do this by sending home a weekly.
             newsletter and thanking them for the help they give their child with homework and other projects. .
             I feel that letting parents know you appreciate them and all they do with their child will go a long.
             way to making a positive impact on their involvement with their child's education.
             Communication between other teachers and teacher's aides should be kept on a professional level.
             when it involves a student, don't discuss the student's problems with colleagues unless you are.
             looking for outside help on a behavior or referral issue. .
             As a reflective thinker, I will plan lessons that are effective, evaluate how well I deliver those.

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