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human cloning

             The word "cloning" comes from the Greek and means "asexual reproduction". Two types of human cloning need to be differentiated: therapeutic cloning and reproductive cloning, the ethics of human cloning has been the subject of intense discussion in the United States and throughout the world.
             Reproductive human cloning gives life to a new human being. Until recently only sexual reproduction or artificial reproduction techniques e.g. IVF existed. Reproductive cloning represents a new reproduction technique by which life can be given to an identical twin of the original cell donor.
             Therapeutic cloning can be used to fight diseases and create organs artificially. Once specialized cells can be derived from cloned embryos the following diseases threatening millions of people on earth can be treated:.
             Brain disorders like Parkinson and Alzheimer thanks to derived brain cells.
             Diabetes thanks to derived insulin-producing pancreatic islet cells, spinal cord damage thanks to derived nerve cells, autoimmune disorders such as multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis thanks to derived cells of blood and bone marrow, Cancer.
             Although some people may not agree with it and think that human cloning is evil, and should be outlawed. Many scientists and physicians strongly believe that it would be unethical to attempt to clone humans. Several cloned animals have died prematurely from infections and other complications. The same problems would be expected in human cloning. In addition, scientists do not know how cloning could impact mental development. While factors such as intellect and mood may not be as important for a cow or a mouse, they are crucial for the development of healthy humans. In November 2001, American researchers claimed to have produced the first cloned human embryos, though they reportedly reached only a six-cell stage before they stopped dividing and died.
             it is uncertain whether anyone has attempted cloning-to-produce-children ,although at least one physician is now claiming to have initiated several active clone pregnancies, and others are reportedly working on it.

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